Moule bois et silicone 1200ml

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This silicone mold and the wooden box are very good tools for beginners in cosmetics and soap making. It is used to make many different types of soaps such as Melt & Pour remelting soaps, cold saponification, solid shampoos, but also marbling or massage pebbles, and can also be used in the kitchen. This wooden box keeps the silicone in good condition so that the future architectural jewels that will come out are not deformed.

This silicone mold is useful for making your soaps, solid shampoos, candles, massage pebbles or deodorant blocks, by combining the smells, colors and textures of your choice. Versatile and suitable for food use, this mold can also be used in the kitchen.

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This mold will be perfect for making:

Gentle face and body soaps

Soaps melt and pour

nourishing soaps

Gentle face and body soaps

Solid shampoos

Shower bars

Massage pebbles

Care patches for local application


Deodorant blocks (zen, mosquito repellent, etc.)

Modeling clays for children

Pastries & flans


Product line: silicone

Model: silicon

Size (Length x Width x Height cm): 27.6*8.6*8.3

Weight (kg): 410

Purple color

Main material: silicone

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Moule bois et silicone 1200ml

10 000 CFA