ph test paper

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The PH test paper rods are in a cardboard box. It allows for more accurate testing. The color of the test strip should be compared with that of the standard PH sample card in half a minute. moisture-proof and avoid lighting.

Check the pH of the solution:

Take a small piece of test paper on the surface dish or a piece of glass, use a clean and dry glass rod to draw the solution to be tested, and drop it in the middle of the test paper, observe the color after change . Let the paper stabilize, and compare with the standard color card to judge the nature of the solution.

Test gas acidity and alkalinity:

First, wet the test paper with distilled water, stick it to one end of the glass rod, then send it close to the mouth of the container with the gas to be tested, observe the color change and judge the nature of the gas (the test paper can't touch the wall).

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Technical sheet


  • Resistant layer: the PH paper is protected by a sturdy cardboard case covered with plastic for better protection of the test rods against damage and more accurate detection.
  • There is a strong correlation between the pH of the body's internal environment and the pH color map. Testing many common everyday substances, including milk, liquid detergents, urine, and moist soil, can help you maintain a healthy and positive life.
  • Le papier de test PH contient 80 tiges de papier test. 
  • Plage de mesure du papier de PH: 1-1 dont la fourchette de 1-6 signifie ph acide, 7 signifie neutre et la fourchette de 8-14 indique un ph basic.
  • Taille: 45mm*7mm 1 pcs


80 ph test strip rods.


  • Gamme de produits: cosmétique
  • Modèle: Papier pH
  • Taille (Longueur x Largeur x Hauteur cm): 45mm*7mm
  • Poids (kg): 3
  • Couleur: jaune
  • Matériau principal: papier
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ph test paper

2 500 CFA